Google Marketing Services

Google is one of the best ways for your brand, products or services to be found online.

Our focus is on generating leads for the businesses we partner with and work with them to produce the best return on investment. 

We work with any sized business, but are especially focused on helping small to medium sized businesses grow and achieve their next business goals.

Google Search Ads Mobile Phone

You have your own dedicated account  manager looking after your campaigns and have direct access to them to discuss and make any changes within your business goals.

You have control of how much you want to spend on advertising and for what products or services.

Google Ads is a very budget friendly way to advertise as you only pay for results, e.g. when someone clicks on your ads.

Our team is highly trained at delivering on your business goals. Our campaigns are successful because they make our customers more money than they spend!

We don’t have any fixed term contracts. You pay us upfront for your ads and we deliver them on a monthly basis.

Search Ads

Put your ads at the top of Google search results for your business brand, products or services.

Display Ads

Show your ads to relevant audiences on the Google Display Network, which consists of millions of websites and apps.

Youtube Ads

Play your video ads or TVC before a video your target audience is about to view.

Shopping Ads

Show your product on the Google Shopping Platform or when someone searches a related product on Google Search. These show before normal ads.


Get customers back in your sales funnel by showing them ads after they have engaged but not purchased from your website or app.

Other Google Marketing Services

Google My Business (Google Maps)

We can help you get a pin on Google Maps, along with adding all of your contact details, pictures, videos and reviews.

If you already have a maps listing, we can optimise your profile so you have a better chance at being shown at the top of the "map pack" when someone searchs for you.

Google Analytics

An essential item to track your website stats such as visits, page views and conversions.

We can help you either install it on your website, configure it so it is recording your website information correctly and set up all of your settings, such as goals, filters, audiences, etc.

Search Engine Optimisation

We can help your website show up higher on Google's search results page organically.

We utilise best practices and a content plan to help you show more often and higher in the results.

Our 8 Step Google Ads Process

Following a set process let’s us delivery your quick seamless campaigns and allows you to know exactly how things are progressing.


Website Assessment

When we are setting up your Google Ads, our first touch point is your website. Unless this has been specified by the client beforehand, we use it to decide on what we will be researching and using as the categories and audience (more on this later).

Depending on how you came on board, we will have already assessed your website and let you know our recommendations.


Keyword Research

We can now start doing keyword research to decide on which keyword we would like to use. Usually what we are looking for are keywords with high search volume (lots of eyes) and doesn’t have an outrageous price per click.

Keywords are 1 or more words which Google use to help them show ads to people searching for similar things.


Defining Categories & Audience

Once keywords are researched, we can group them into categories and/or target audiences to create our campaigns.


Writing Ads & Extensions

Now we have defined our categories (called Ad Groups in Google Ads) we write the most relevant ads we can to what people are looking for.

We use all Ad Extensions available and relevant to the campaign to make the ads stand out more compared to everyone else.


Review & Put It Live

Once the campaigns are completely set up and ready to go, they are reviewed by the team before they are set live.


1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month Review

All of our campaigns are checked daily by humans and are monitored by computer systems 24/7 with comprehensive alert functions to let us know if something is wrong.

We also use a 1 day, 1 week and 1-month manual review process to make sure we are getting the best performance from the campaigns after we go live.


On-going Optimisation

Aside from regular reviews on the campaigns, we utilise on-going optimisation both from Google Ad recommendations tool, regular Google Account Strategist phone calls and our own in-house optimisation regime.


Monthly Review With You!

Once a month we will provide you with detailed reporting on how things are going on your campaigns, including KPIs, trend metrics and many others.

We also set aside time each month to go over the report with you so we can discuss how things are going with you and your business.

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