Cascade Pools Hawke's Bay

Transforming Branding, Website Redesign, and Digital Marketing Success

Client Overview: 

Cascade Pools HB, a premier pool construction and maintenance company, approached our digital marketing business with a primary objective: to enhance their brand image, revamp their website, optimise conversion rates, and ultimately generate a substantial number of quality leads. 

With an initial record of only 1 lead in two months, the challenge was clear: to devise a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would propel Cascade Pools Hawke’s Bay to new heights.


  • Redesign the existing website, providing an enhanced user experience and optimizing conversion rates.
  • Drive relevant traffic to the website through targeted online advertising campaigns.
  • Generate a substantial number of leads within a limited timeframe.
  • Approach: To achieve the set goals, our digital marketing team devised a multifaceted strategy encompassing brand refreshment, website redesign, and effective online advertising.
Cascade Pools HB Website Redesign

The following steps were implemented.

Website Redesign:

Conducted a thorough audit of the existing website, identifying areas for improvement.

Collaborated with Cascade Pools HB to understand their specific requirements and desired user experience.

Redesigned the website, focusing on modern aesthetics, intuitive navigation, and clear calls-to-action.

Implemented on-page optimization techniques to improve search engine visibility and user engagement.

Online Advertising:

Conducted keyword research to identify relevant search terms and target audience preferences.

Leveraged Google Ads and Meta Ads to create targeted advertising campaigns.

Crafted compelling ad copy and optimized landing pages to maximize conversion rates.

Monitored campaign performance, adjusting strategies in real-time to maximize results.

Results: The implementation of our comprehensive digital marketing strategy yielded remarkable outcomes for Cascade Pools HB within a short span of time. The key results achieved include:

Lead Generation:

In just 2 months of our digital marketing efforts, we generated an impressive total of 19 high-quality leads for Cascade Pools HB.

This marked a substantial improvement from their initial record of only 1 lead in the preceding 2 months.

Enhanced Brand Image:

The brand refreshment efforts resulted in a renewed brand identity that conveyed professionalism and expertise.

Cascade Pools HB gained a competitive edge in the market, positioning themselves as a trusted and reliable pool construction and maintenance company.

Improved Website Performance:

The redesigned website showcased an enhanced user experience, leading to increased engagement and conversion rates.

Clear calls-to-action and improved navigation facilitated seamless user journeys, resulting in higher lead generation.

Targeted Advertising Success:

Leveraging Google Ads and Meta Ads, we successfully drove relevant traffic to the Cascade Pools HB website.

The strategic placement of compelling ads and optimized landing pages resulted in instant and measurable results for the client.

Conclusion: Through the successful execution of our digital marketing strategy, Cascade Pools HB witnessed a transformative journey, achieving substantial growth in lead generation, brand image enhancement, and website performance. Our collaborative efforts, combined with targeted advertising campaigns, resulted in significant success and positioned Cascade Pools HB as a leader in their industry. By leveraging our expertise, Cascade Pools HB was able to unlock their digital marketing potential and experience tangible business growth.

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