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Leverage the power of digital paid ad platforms to instantly grow your website traffic, lead generation and sales.

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Dedicated Account Manager

You have your own dedicated account manager looking after your campaigns and have direct access to them to discuss and make any changes within your business goals.

Budget Friendly Advertising

Paid advertising is a very budget-friendly way to advertise as you only pay for results, such as when someone clicks on your ad, lands on your website, downloads your app or completes a certain action (conversion) on your website or app.

Focused On Delivering Results

We are highly focused on delivering results for our customers, whether it is increasing the market share, driving business leads or generating sales for them.

No Fixed Term Contracts

We don't have any fixed term contracts. You pay us upfront for your paid ads and we deliver them on a monthly basis.


Pick the paid ad platform that's right for you

There a lot’s of paid ad platforms to choose from. Find out which one would work for you by completing our paid ad platform quiz.



Show at the top of Google

Google Search ads are an instant and consistent way for your customers to find you when they search online. Google is usually the first place people look when they are doing research for their next big purchase and you could be missing out on a huge amount of potential customers when you don’t come up.

We put your ads at the top of the search results and you only pay Google when someone clicks on your ad. This is called pay per click advertising and is a very cost-effective way to get your potential customers onto your website or sales funnel.

We recommend this to all of our customers who need more leads and don’t have a huge marketing budget.

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Promotional Banners & Remarketing

Show your ads to relevant audiences on the Google Display Network, which consists of millions of websites and apps.

Put your latest promotion on the most popular NZ & International websites and generate 10,000’s or 100,000’s of ad views each month. 


Share your videos & TVC's on Youtube

Youtube is the second largest search engine and has content for any topic imaginable.

Show your ads, videos or television commercials on Youtube as a pre-roll ad, which shows before someone watches their chosen video.

Video advertising is highly effective for brands, products and funnels.

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Facebook ads

Sponsored posts

Facebook sponsored posts are ideal to get in front of your audience and target market with very direct ad messaging, or build brand awareness.


Get seen on IG

Using the Facebook Ads Manager, we can put highly relevant ads in front of your desired customers or target audience.

Optimise your performance

Measure your business goals

Set your business goals

A Hyper Digital agent will work with you to set business goals, whether they are generating leads, shop walk-ins, or sales.

Track and measure

Once your goals are set, we set up measurement tools on your website and paid advertising platforms to track everything from first time seeing an ad, right through to purchase.


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