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A click refers to the action of pressing a button or link on a digital device, typically using a mouse or touchpad, to select or interact with content on the internet.

Clicks in the context of digital marketing and web analytics represent the act of a user pressing a button, link, or any interactive element on a webpage or within an application, which leads to another page or triggers a specific action.

This metric is crucial for analysing user engagement and the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns, as it quantifies how many times users have interacted with ads or content. Tracking clicks helps marketers understand user behaviour, preferences, and the overall performance of their digital strategies, guiding decisions on optimizing web content and ad placements to improve conversion rates and user experience.

AbbreviationMeaningUsing byYear coined
N/AClicksAdvertisersLate 1980’s

Example 1:

A digital marketing campaign for a new line of athletic shoes uses banner ads displayed on various sports and fitness websites. Each time a viewer is interested in the ad and clicks on it, they are redirected to the product’s landing page where they can learn more or make a purchase. These interactions are counted as clicks, providing the campaign managers with data on the ad’s performance and user interest.

Example 2:

An e-commerce store sends out a promotional email to its subscribers featuring special discounts on winter apparel. The email includes several links to different product categories on their site. Each subscriber interaction, where they click on a link to view a product category, is tracked as a click. This data helps the e-commerce store understand which products are attracting the most interest and measure the effectiveness of their email marketing strategy.

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