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Always On

“Always on” in digital marketing refers to a continuous and consistent strategy where a brand maintains an ongoing presence with advertising, social media, and content activities to keep engaging with its audience at all times.

The “always on” approach in digital marketing denotes a strategy where a brand consistently maintains its promotional activities, such as advertising, content publication, and social media engagement, regardless of specific campaigns or promotions. This method ensures that the brand remains visible and accessible to its audience continuously, rather than solely during peak campaign periods. It’s particularly effective in building and sustaining brand awareness, fostering ongoing engagement, and nurturing customer relationships.

By adopting an “always on” strategy, brands can react more fluidly to market changes, gather continual insights into customer behaviour, and maintain a steady stream of communication with their audience, which can lead to increased loyalty and sales over time.

AbbreviationMeaningUsing byYear coined
N/AAlways OnMarketersEarly 2000’s

Example 1:

Social Media Engagement: A New Zealand-based clothing brand implements an “always on” strategy by continuously engaging with its audience on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The brand consistently posts daily updates, including new product launches, behind-the-scenes footage, and interactive content such as polls and quizzes. They also promptly respond to customer inquiries and comments, ensuring ongoing interaction and fostering a strong community around the brand.

Example 2:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): A tech start-up maintains an “always on” presence through Google Ads, ensuring that their services are prominently displayed in search results throughout the year. By continuously optimizing their keywords and ad copy based on performance analytics, they keep their brand at the forefront for relevant searches. This ongoing SEM strategy helps capture potential leads at various stages of the decision-making process, contributing to sustained lead generation and customer acquisition.

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Matt McAuliffe

Matt McAuliffe

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As the co-founder of Hyper Digital, a leading digital marketing agency in New Zealand, Matt McAuliffe has established himself as a prominent digital marketing analyst and consultant. With years experience and thorough knowledge of the digital marketing industry, Matt is the driving force behind Hyper Digital’s ongoing success. Matt’s innovative marketing tactics and creative concepts is the reason why so many businesses across New Zealand have achieve success in the online space.

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