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An impression, sometimes referred to as Impr., in digital marketing refers to the count of how many times an advertisement or piece of content is displayed, regardless of whether it is clicked or not.

An impression in digital marketing is a count of how many times an advertisement or content is displayed on a user’s screen, without considering whether it was seen or clicked. It’s a key metric for gauging the reach or exposure of an ad.

Impressions are also integral to calculating Click-Through Rate (CTR), which is the ratio of ad clicks to impressions. This helps advertisers understand not only the visibility of their ads but also their effectiveness in engaging viewers.

Impressions can be calculated by multiplying reach, the number of unique viewers who see an advertisement, by frequency, the average number of times each viewer sees the advertisement.

AbbreviationMeaningUsing byYear coined
ImprImpressionAdvertisersMid 1990’s

Example 1:

A company launches an ad campaign on a social media platform like Facebook to promote a new product. The ad is set to appear in the news feeds of users based on specific targeting criteria. Over a week, the ad appears 20,000 times on different users’ feeds. Each appearance counts as one impression, totaling 20,000 impressions for the campaign. This number indicates the extent of the ad’s visibility on the platform.

Example 2:

A home improvement store runs a search advertising campaign on a search engine like Google. They create ads for keywords related to home renovation products. Over a month, whenever users search for these keywords, the store’s ads appear in the search results. By the end of the month, the ads have appeared 15,000 times in search results. Each of these appearances is an impression, amounting to 15,000 impressions for the campaign. This number shows how often the store’s ads were displayed in response to relevant search queries, indicating the ad’s reach in the search advertising space.

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